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BrilliantPrints is Australia ‘s leading canvas printer. We offer a premium product at a very competitive price and are a specialist printer who concentrates only on producing quality canvas prints.

BrilliantPrints supplies many retail clients, professional photographers, artists, interior designers and commercial clients such as Coca Cola and the CSIRO.

We are one of the very few canvas printers who do everything in-house, meaning you get both better value for money, and a better quality product. You are welcome to visit our production facility / showroom, located in Seventeen Mile Rocks, Brisbane.

BrilliantPrints employs qualified photographers to enhance and print your image, as well as experienced framers who have stretched many thousands of prints.

Each day, we ship prints to every state of Australia , and currently provide our product to clients in Hong Kong , New Zealand , Europe and Scandinavia .

Whether you are looking for a single print, or you need thousands of prints, Brilliantprints can assist you.

For more information, please contact us. If you are a pro photographer or a reseller please go our trade canvas printing site.

Our Other Product Ranges

Due to the enthusiasm of our customers we have launched a range of complementary companies that can print your photo on a range of other media. These include

  • Prints on Acrylic – Get your photo printed on acrylic with our IceMounts. These stunning, slim acrylic tiles bolt directly into the wall.
  • Foam Mounts – We will mount your image on a 20mm foam core with our Art Blocs.
  • Acrylic Tiles – Our free-standing LumiTiles are stand alone blocks of acrylic that give you images luminescent depth.

Our Philosophy

Every day we are bombarded with low quality, low-cost products that break down after a few months. We had a washing machine that lasted 24 years without a hiccup. The latest one we have bought has already broken down 6 times in 3 years.

We also live in the time of the digital camera, when almost no-one prints copies of their photos. In generations to come, the pleasure of pouring over photos of families and times gone past will be lost.

Good old fashion service has been replaced by phone queues, companies that restrict their staff’s authority so much that you can never get a problem resolved, and organizations who make everything so complicated that even the most basic interaction becomes a nightmare.

This is why I started BrilliantPrints. I wanted to demonstrate that it was possible to create a company that produced a quality product, at a competitive price and made the process as fun and easy as possible. Our product lasts 75+ years and will be enjoyed by generations to come. You will simply not find a better gift idea that is so personalized, yet so long-lasting.

We pride ourselves on giving you a product that is fully guaranteed, offering you staff that are authorized to do whatever it takes to make you happy.. We look forward to serving you

We also believe in giving back to the community that supports us, and sponsor many charity and fund raising events. Additionally, a portion of every dollar you spend with goes towards one of our World Vision sponsored children (we currently have three and will increase this number as our business grows.)

Take our Quality Tour to see why our philosophy helps us create the best canvas prints on the market.

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