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Funky Photography News — International Edition

Our weekly helping of Weird and Wacky Photography News takes an international turn today.  We look at arresting photographs of two world leaders and a wacky photograph of another.  Then we turn to buffet-table photos of flags of numerous nations as well as many photos of the flag of the United States.

"The tension was palpable."  That hackneyed sentence (and lovely solecism) is used by any number of hacks.  Those hacks...

Room Portraits and Street Shots

Room Portraits

Photographers have been embarking upon some unusual projects of late.  We've seen families in different countries with their food and children of different nationalities with their toys on this blog. 

Now, Menno Aden joins the club with photographs of rooms with their . . . things!  The genesis of 'Room Portraits' was sheer chance, explains Lori Fredrickson on Popular Photography.  Nevertheless, the final concept was to "capture an overhead...

Fauna and Flora Tutorials

Flora and fauna; that's what today's well-paired tutorials cover.

A very meaty how-to on ePHOTOzine is exactly what it says: Beginners' Guide To Safari Photography.  This comprehensive tutorial starts by advising its beginner readership to research seasonal conditions in the park they'll visit and carries on from there.

There are also other conditions you'll have to be prepared for.  As anyone who has been to the Serengeti or Masai Mara would...

Gear Special: Flash! Flash! Flash!

We have the most unusual of gear posts today; we take in three posts about three flash kits.  The makers are Lowel, Nissin and Pentax, and we make stops on pdn online, Shutterbug, and Digital SLR Photo.

Okay, the Lowel unit is not a flash per se; it's an LED spotlight.  Jesse Will on pdn online has the goods on the Lowel GL-1.

This unit has enormous selling points.  It is...

Runaway Bridal Shoot and Other Tales of Mystery

Our weekly roundup of weird, strange and 'surreal' news from the realms of photography is kicked off today by an article with the word 'surreal' in its title—

Bleak and Surreal

That's what DPReview calls the photographs of Mishka Henner, and they're on the mark.  His 'Feedlots' project is photographic abstract art.  Henner did not photograph the images but composed or 'stitched' them from discrete elements from numerous satellite images. 

Henner's composite...

Galleries: Stillness and Quietude; and Action and Movement

Leica compact cameras (Photo credit: Nickolas Titkov)

Today we take a look at very 'contrasty' online galleries, two that are mostly action and movement; the other 'composed' of stillness and quietude – because it's underwater!

Located in  in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Cenote Angelita is an 'underwater river.'  As oxymoronic and bizarre as that may sound, apparently there is such a thing.  DL Cade on PetaPixel has the explanation...

Manufacturing Controversies in Pom-PomLand

Well, whaddaya know but a few persons Down Under have managed to cause a Photography Controversy in Pom-PomLand!

We almost always post a 'Controversy of the Week' on our professional and trade sister site but this is a light-hearted, mmph! type of controversy that is, perhaps, better suited to our retail site.

Surely it is common knowledge that animals too have, er, 'private parts.'  Tourism Australia – not very smartly, it...

Amazing and Tweet-worthy Photo News!

Yesterday we had blogged about World Photography Day.  In our weekly roundup of Interesting and Unusual Photography News, we'll see how a group of Visual Arts students from an Indian college marked this day.

First, though, how about an amazing gallery of "Amazing Animals” brought to us by The Vancouver Sun.  The reason this is (really) 'amazing' is that all this wildlife has been shot in a city park! ...

A Special Gadget Wrap


Panasonic just keeps impressing and impressing either with sheer quality or with breakthroughs, and where the new Lumix DMC-FZ72 is concerned, it's the latter.  You see, it has a 20-1200mm (35mm equivalent) zoom!  At 60x, Photography Blog says it's "currently the longest in the industry." With this kind of focal-length range, its aperture of F2.8 - 8.0 (W), F5.9 - 8.0 (T) shouldn't be too surprising.

This bridge camera is...

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