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Why are your black and white prints superior to just about every other print on the market?open/close

BrilliantPrints uses a dedicated Black and White printer. Instead of mixing black ink with coloured ink to generate grey tones, our printer has 6 channels of black ink of varying densities. This results in a print that is perfectly neutral and shows absolutely no colour cast.

Many printers claim that they can product neutral B&W prints using the latest Epson K3 inkset. In fact, this inkset has only 3 shades of black ink, and still uses coloured ink to generate black and white prints. The result is a print that is not completely neutral.

Does the incredible BrilliantPrints guarantee extend to my clients?open/close

Yes. Unless we are 100% confident that our product is the best on the market, then how can we expect you to promote it to your clients with confidence.

We will supply you with prints without requiring payment until you have given your prints to the client and they are 100% happy with the result. Our guarantee applies even in the following circumstances

  • Your customer changes their mind and no longer wants the prints
  • Your customer is not completely satisfied with their prints
  • You are not completely satisfied with the prints
  • You accidentally send us the wrong file
  • You accidentally order the incorrect size
  • The colour of the print is not what you expected
  • The print is damaged in transit

In all of these cases, we will happily reprint to your satisfaction, or you can simply return the print to us and you will not be charged. We want you to be able to promote our product to your clients with complete confidence that unless they are completely happy you are not left bearing the cost. We know that happy clients generate increased business. If your business grows, then so does ours.

Do you supply other professional photographers in Australia?open/close

Yes, we supply a very large number of landscape, portrait, wedding and commercial photographers, both in Australia and overseas. Many of these are well respected photographers who demand the best quality in the products that they sell. Our goal is to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with photographers who genuinely support our product.

Can I have my signature, logo, edition number, text on the canvas?open/close

Yes, we are happy to print just about anything you want on the print. We can place this on the front of the print or along the edge of the frame. It can be as discreet or prominent as you want.

Even better, you do not need to add this to each print you send us. We simply keep it on file, and place it on each of your prints prior to printing.

How can I be sure that my colours will be correct?open/close

We use custom made print profiles, and regularly calibrate our monitors to international standards. Our in-house print staff are professionally trained photographers, meaning that they understand colour as well as you do.

The combination of ink, coating and canvas we use allows us to create incredibly rich colours that are unmatched by almost all of our competitors.

If you are still concerned, then you are welcome to send us a printed 6”x4” for colour matching purposes. Even better, you are covered by the Incredible BrilliantPrints Guarantee, meaning that unless you are completely satisfied with the print then you can return it to us and you will not be charged.

Can I obtain a copy of our colour profiles?open/close

Yes, if you are familiar with using colour profiles, please contact us and we will email our profiles to you.

What colour space do you use?open/close

All of our images are prepared in the AdobeRGB(1998) colour space. Images supplied in RGB are converted to CMYK prior to printing.

I currently use a lab to print my photos and my computers are all set up to meet their requirements. open/close

BrilliantPrints supplies a large number of clients who currently use other Labs to process their traditionally images. These clients have chosen BrilliantPrints to create their canvases because we offer a superior quality product at a lower price than the large labs. This is because we have specialized in canvas printing.

There is absolutely no need for you to change any of your settings when sending your images to BrilliantPrints. Simply let us know which lab you use and we will ensure that the colour of your print is perfect.

How can I be sure that my images will not be used elsewhere?open/close

BrilliantPrints supplies a large number of limited edition photographers who sell our prints for several thousand dollars each. Consequently, we have a very strict policy on the storage and use of customers images.

We guarantee that we will not reproduce, sell, or otherwise distribute any of your images without your express permission. Under Australian Copyright law, you automatically retain copyright in all of your images.

Our retail clients often request that we scan and print their wedding photos / portraits. In the event that these were taken by a professional photographer and that copyright is held by the photographer then we simply will not print them. We appreciate that your income is reliant on a skill that you have developed (photography) and that this is your livelihood.

Resellers and Framing Shops
I create art / take photos of my local area and are interested in selling them on canvas. How can you help?open/close

We supply many amateur, and semi professional photographers who specialize in promoting images of their local area. Please contact us for more information.

Can you supply rolled canvas prints for us to frame? open/close

Yes, we supply rolled canvas prints to many framers. This means that you can still offer this service to your clients, without incurring the high costs of purchasing printers and spray booths.

I’m an artist who paints / draws , can you reproduce my art onto canvas?open/close

Yes, we offer this service to a large number of artists. We can provide recommendations for companies who can help you convert a digital image ready for printing onto canvas. The benefit of using our service is that you get to keep your original piece of art, but can sell many copies of your art to clients.

Do I need to copyright my work?open/close

No, under Australian copyright law your art is automatically protected.

Can I paint over your canvas prints?open/close

Yes, you are able to paint over the top of the canvas print. This is used by some artists to add texture to certain parts of the painting.

What benefits does canvas printing offer my business?open/close

Canvas printing allows you to offer a low cost copy of your piece of art to your clients, while retaining the original painting. The canvas print of your piece of art is an almost perfect reproduction of the original.

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