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Canvas Printing Inks

Our Colour Canvas Printing Ink set

A full range of canvas printing inks

Your prints are created using genuine Canon inks, allowing us to produce bright, vibrant colours that literally jump off the canvas. In contrast, many of our competitors use cheaper quality, imitation canvas printing inks that have not been tested against fading, and result in dull, washed-out colours. Time after time our customers comment on how stunning our colours are compared with prints made elsewhere.

Our inks have been independently tested to last 75 years without fading by the world’s leading authority on ink stability (The Wilhelm Institute). This is essential as trials of lower quality inks have shown significant fading after just 12 months in normal light.

Our Black and White Inkset

Most of our competitors print black and white images on a colour printer. This is achieved by mixing coloured dots to trick the human eye into thinking the image is black and white. The result is a non-neutral print that changes from having a green shade to a magenta shade when shown in different light (eg daylight and a light bulb).

We have invested in a dedicated B&W printer that features 6 channels of varying density black ink. This allows us to create completely neutral B&W prints that have exceptional tonal transitions and show practically no change under different lighting conditions. We also offer neutral, cool, warm and carbon canvas printing prints. Our B&W inks are rated to last 200 years without fading.

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