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Offbeat Day: The Silly, the Spooky, and the Sad

September 15th, 2012 No Comments


    Bad photographs are making a comeback because . . . well, because apparently they’re cool!  The fashion world strikes again.  I know it sounds silly but it’s true.

    The photography techniques and ideals of the day are now “blurry shots, shadows, overexposure” according to Anne-Marie Conway, who seems (at least a little) enraptured by this retrograde development.  Known as ‘Lomography’, boiled down to its essentials this Art & Science centres around deliberate use of el cheapo cameras to simply point and click, and then see what happens.

    The boxes of choice for the hip and cool (and silly) crowd are Diana+, Holga and Lomo LC-A (which are said to represent a serious threat to Nikon, Canon and Olympus’s long-term viability).  Evidently these are ultra-complicated rigs, for Create Studios offers a half-day Holga and Diana Workshop, according to Conway.  No doubt it will be expensive but I am sure it will be well worth the stiff price so I am booking a place . . .


    Talk about this lomography business’s “burry shots” and “shadows,” Julie Griffin’s blurry shots of shadows from the spirit world represent a much more honest endeavour than the lomography fraud, er, I mean fad.

    Cathy Torrisi writes about Griffin’s childhood in a purported haunted house in which para-normal activity was . . . normal.  Swaying chandeliers and swinging doors aroused a desire in Griffin to photograph the spooks and she set about her task with whole-hearted dedication. 

    Spooky Goffe House is said to be one of the more in-demand retreats for sophisticated ghosties and Griffin tried to hunt down a few with notable success: “Last week, she set up her camera with a motion detector inside the Goffe House when no one was there, and it did go off,” reports Torrisi.  The results of Griffin’s ghost-hunting exploits are at  Definitely worth a look-see.


    We move from hunting ghosts to hunting elephants, and from the ghosts of humans to the ghosts of elephants – slaughtered, mass-murdered elephants.

    Ivory, though illegal under CITES, is big business.  NatGeo’s sad story, Blood Ivory – Ivory Worship, exposes the Elephant Killing Fields and reveals that the outlawed ‘Blood Ivory’ trade runs into the unknown ‘multi-tons’ and spans the Middle East and Far East.

    Here’s the photography connection: attached to the article is a photo album by Brent Stirton.  It captures some low points in the transit route of illegal ivory, including a nice pic of the ‘Elephant Monk’ outside his temple.  

    The killers will surely stop someday . . . that sad day when all the tuskers are gone.







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