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New Gear and Gadget Roundup

September 11th, 2013 No Comments
Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

New iPhone

As you may know by now, more photos taken with an iPhone are uploaded to photo-sharing sites than those taken with any other camera or smartphone.(!)  As such, it’s only reasonable for a photography blog to take note when a new iPhone hits the shelves – and that happened yesterday with the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

The Telegraph, of all publications, has a very complete breakdown of specs and features plus some links that Apple fanboys may like.  For a tabular comparison, check out Tech Wrench.  Both iPhones have 8 MP cameras but the specs indicate that the 5S’s camera pips that of the 5C.  A textual comparison on Geek confirms this suspicion.

Finally and most importantly, check out Amateur Photographer’s take on the new iPhones for a camera-centric evaluation and a photographer’s point of view.

Both iPhones’ cameras also (of course) shoot video and here too the 5S is slightly better.

New Contraption

If you’ve ever tried to photograph lightning or fireworks, only to go ‘aargh!’, now you can make your family and friends go ‘wow!’   Hours back Shutterbug heralded the arrival of ‘The Lightning Bug.’  

This ‘bug’ is one smart contraption; in essence it is a shutter trigger with a sensor and automation to take the luck (and skill and anticipation) out of shooting lightning and fireworks!  Get the lowdown on the ‘bug’s website.

New (and Cheap) Everything!

To close out our Gear post, here’s Dan Richards on Popular Photography.  Minutes back they published The Best Photography Bargains of 2013.

This article is divided into three parts: Travel / Adventure, Everyday Shooting, and Studio Photography.  The typical reader of this blog will be most interested in the middle category, 

If you’re in for a DSLR, it’s Canon’s very-not-new EOS 60D that comes up trumps!  You see, Richards explains that after the announcement of the 70D, the 60D got steeply discounted to the extent that you can get “a larcenously good deal” for one of the best DSLRs out there.

You’ll also find some nifty little I-didn’t-know-thats, like the SpinLight 360 system, in this article.


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