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The Majestic, the Whimsical, and Some Advice for Collectors

December 29th, 2012 No Comments

“Minus 30 degrees.”  Those are the lengths some photogs will go to to find “their calling.”  Enter Camille Seaman who photographs the biggest icebergs in the worldSan Francisco Chronicle has just reported that the result of her passion is that “she has spent the last 10 years photographing enormous chunks of prehistoric ice in remote places across the globe.”

Seaman’s story is quite riveting and her photographs are awesome to behold.  How about this brilliantly composed, exposed and cropped image?  Weirdly, this iceberg looks like the prow of a listing vessel!  Look through the mini-gallery and you’ll find a gentle icescape and a frightening behemoth towering out of the ocean.

If those images turn you on, just click at this Corden Potts Gallery link to Seaman’s portfolio.  She will soon be exhibiting at the gallery.  Check out this blue, slabbish, tabletop of an iceberg.  Then click here, just for ‘contrast’.  Do you care for balance, perspective, and texture in iceberg scenes?  Click here.  

Seaman’s work merges guileless art with the majesty of nature.

From the majestic to the whimsical.

Some of the most recognizable photojournalistic and news photographs have now gotten a redo, thanks to Mike Stimpson and . . . LEGO!

Be warned, this story is nothing more than an ’empty calorie’ diversion.  Stimpson uses LEGO figures to recreate some famous photographs.  Just for fun, have a look at the Tiananmen Square tank stopper and his version of that famous Dali, water and flying cats photo.

To close with a more serious story, if you’re not a millionaire but want to build a collection of fine photographs, learn how one dedicated collector did it in Michael Hoppen opens his vault of photographic treasures.  He is a Chelsea photograph gallery owner but he got started on his collection the hard way, the painstaking old-fashioned way: browsing in flea markets, junk shops, and such.  

After taking off in the art world, Hoppen found it easier to collect the photos he loved at a knockdown price but the heart and soul of this piece is in the advice he gives to aspiring photograph collectors, starting with ” whether you trawl eBay or visit art fairs, collecting is all about spending time. . . . there are no shortcuts.”

See whether or not you like the results Hoppen achieved by viewing this mini-gallery of an exhibition of (part of) his collection, Finders Keepers


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