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Laminating your print

An unlaminated canvas print is like a house without paint. Not only does it look worse, but your print won’t last anywhere near as long. The laminate is a liquid coating that is sprayed over the top of the printed canvas providing a fully sealed barrier that protects your print.

Many companies in Australia do not laminate their prints because it costs more and requires special equipment. Other companies charge an additional cost for laminating. We think lamination is so important that every print receives a solid coat of premium quality laminate at no additional cost.

Like canvas, there are various grades of laminate. Many of these are thin and provide limited protection. We use a product from North America that offers :

  • Protection against dust, water and inquisitive fingers
  • Excellent protection against fading – 75 years
  • Anti-fungal compounds that restrict the growth of mould
  • Anti-grafitti properties
  • Protection from abrasion, bumps and scratches

This product is far more expensive than the lower quality laminates meaning that your print lasts longer and can be carefully cleaned with water. Our laminate also boosts the colour of the print, resulting in an image that has more punch and vibrancy. We offer a great quality satin laminate. 

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