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Wedding Photography for Canvas Prints

July 29th, 2009

On wedding events, capture the intimate moments of the bride and the groom and the solemnity of the event. Be sure to be aware of when you click your shutter to not be inappropriate during the ceremony. Be sure to take shots of the flower girls in their innocent march, the happy teary- eyed bride walking thru the aisle towards her groom, and the groom finally taking her to his arms. Make sure that during this moment you capture as well the emotions of the family and friends of the soon to be newly-weds after all this is a moment both the bride and groom wanted to share to the people important to them. Be ready to be on the look out for raw mixed emotions in weddings, the tears, the smiles, the hugs, and the laughter.

Take candid photographs as the beauty of such moment is on its unexpectedness. Do not just focus on the well or formally posed photographs. Most likely the snaps of the bride nervously straightening her gown, the groom straightening his tie sharing a thought with the best man, the mother of the ring bearer trying to make him stop squirming, the flower girl playing with the petals in her basket, old friends sharing old laughter would make the couple smile in delight as they look back at what has been captured when they proclaimed their vows of being husband and wife.


Here are some of the things to remember in order to capture the essential details.


  1. Prepare a shot list. This way you can keep track of the photo must-haves.
  2. Take advantage of the lighting. Don’t use your flash all of the time. Take a photo of the couple against a plain background. A dim lighting will create a romantic silhouette.
  3. Adjust your camera settings according to the scene. Most digital cameras have built-in automatic scene modes. Take advantage of this feature in order to get the best shot possible.
  4. Shoot the small details. Take photos of rings, the details of dresses, flowers, menus, and table settings. Look at wedding magazines and emulate some shots.
  5. Carry a spare camera. Set it up with a different setting. This will give you a different output and will provide a variety to your photos.
  6. Switch on the continuous shooting mode at certain points. Expect the unexpected; you just don’t know when you will be capturing a wonderful moment.
  7. Do not delete “mistakes” just yet. Always remember digital images can always be post processed on an image editing software.


Celebrate weddings by having fun with your shots. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed the people around you will be. They will be giving you the genuine feeling which hopefully transcends to your photographs.

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