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‘C’ is for Contest, ‘C’ is for Coolpix

November 3rd, 2012 No Comments
Nikon Coolpix series

Nikon Coolpix series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ‘Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award’ competition is a mouthful of a name – and it has every right to be, as it is brimful with the green stuff.  It has a humongous prize pot of $389,000 and the grand prize itself is a whopping $120,000!

Check out HIPA’s website and see if you think you think you want to try your luck in any of the four categories.

You know there’s going to be lots of intense competition so perhaps you want to try something that’s not quite so competitive but still has a big fat prize?  Try ePhotozine’s Competition which has a daily theme and gives away four Nikon Coolpix cameras per month.  

Did I write “not quite so competitive”?  Oops— scratch that!

Regardless of whether or not you enter either competition, it pays to at least look at the entries, especially winning ones, because the very act of doing so will allow you to learn something.  Because, for most contests, it costs nothing to enter, you may as well match your skills and take a shot at winning . . . say, a Coolpix!   

Talk of Nikon’s Coolpix, is this the new face of that simple, snapshot camera?  

Some ‘enthusiast’ cameras pack in so many useful features and impressive specs that they allow amateur photographers to grow and progress toward the next level.  In similar fashion this Coolpix, the P7700, would allow the novice photographer to grow and progress toward the next level, that of an amateur or enthusiast – but with a different twist:—

The P7700 is not crammed with different exposure modes; rather, it has the four traditional exposure modes from the days of yore (plus a programme mode).  This limitation will let – or make – the serious novice learn the principles of exposure.  It also has interchangeable lenses (of course), a vario-swivel LCD screen, EV compensation, and more useful features.

At the same time, it does have separate dials for ‘Scene Modes’ and ‘Effects’ which too will let the newbie continue on his/her learning curve.  This is a smart design – a smart design for a smart camera series that thoroughly deserves its reputation and popularity.


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