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Two Major Contests and Two *You* Can Enter!

October 25th, 2012 No Comments

Amateurs can not only learn something about the craft by participating in a photo contest, they can ‘measure’ themselves.  So why not enter one?!  You may not win it even if you follow the guidelines I had posted our BPro sister site in National Geographic’s Traveler Contest – How to Win it! but an honourable mention wouldn’t be too bad.

Let’s look at a few contests, two that have just finished and two that are accepting entries. 

Serif’s PhotoPlus Photography Competition is a big one and earlier this month the winning photo was announced.  The winner, C.K. Ng of Indonesia, took home an enviable assortment of first-rate equipment worth £2,000 plus subscriptions to two magazines!

The winning photograph is simply stunning and worth a look (scroll down for a higher res image).  It is one of those unusual situations where a front and centre composition dead-on is the best choice, albeit not without posing a hazard to life and limb.  Some more excellent entries are here.

Staying in Asia – near Russia’s Lake Baikal to be precise – we look at Vladimir Medvedev.  He won top prize and ‘best portfolio’ prize in BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest earlier this year.  

Available online are six of Medvedev’s images (not including a self-portrait).   Mountain goats on a snow-clad hillside and a porcupine against the backdrop of a lake and mountain are two beautiful wildlife photographs.  But continue viewing this mini-portfolio and you’ll be rewarded with a couple of truly breathtaking ‘art photos’.

So now your interest is whetted and you want to enter a photo contest?  Try these two; they’re accepting entries.

You have a good chance of getting somewhere in this contest because it’s awarding 120 recognitions besides nine cash prizes with a top prize of $3,226!  The catch is that you’ll have to be in Shanghai or have photographs of Shanghai’s historic or cultural spots in order to enter it.

Much easier to enter but having virtually nothing for a prize is an intriguing themed contest, In the Dark.  The possibilities are manifold – streetwalkers, city lights, nocturnal animals, night shift workers, graveyards, vampires, werewolves . . . .

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