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Room Portraits and Street Shots

September 3rd, 2013 No Comments

Room Portraits

Photographers have been embarking upon some unusual projects of late.  We’ve seen families in different countries with their food and children of different nationalities with their toys on this blog. 

Now, Menno Aden joins the club with photographs of rooms with their . . . things!  The genesis of ‘Room Portraits’ was sheer chance, explains Lori Fredrickson on Popular Photography.  Nevertheless, the final concept was to “capture an overhead view of an entire room” to show the room for what it is: a space inhabited and designed to a person’s particular tastes and needs for that space.

Six of Aden’s varyingly vertiginous views are available online.  Perhaps the word ‘portrait’ is not as out-of-place as one might initially think it to be: doesn’t this functional and sterile operating room have a markedly different ‘personality’ than this colourful and chaotic lived-in living room?

Street Shots

The Leica Blog has posted an article about a classic street shooter; he who moves unobtrusively and in stealth.  As the photographer, Cyril Jayant puts it: “I always attempt to be discreet and not to show my presence . . . .”

Jayant captures moments in time, seeing what other persons may miss.  Take the photo of a dozen-plus legs surrounding one cute pooch (a seeing eye dog, probably).  If the crop had been tighter in the upper-right corner, the dog’s eyes would have been the only eyes in the frame.  As it is, he pops out of the picture, given the tones (near-white amid dark greys and blacks).

Or take the photo of a pair of legs.  Is he repairing something?  Or just sleeping off a few beers?  In any event, it’s funny!  That’s not coincidental; Jayant’s interviewer noticed it too and asked him about “[h]umor and whimsy [being] strong elements . . .” in his work.

Other elements in his photography are mood, ambiguity, and story, and all three are seen to a ‘T’ in ‘Cyesta;’ an image with several possible explanations and no ‘right’ one.

Also worth a look is the vision Jayant carries on his jaunts.  Would you believe that Paris’s Jardin de Luxembourg from the right angle and right time on a grey snowy evening turns into a still from the original Bela Lugosi Dracula?


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