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Calling all iPhoneistas!

January 3rd, 2013 No Comments
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If you’re an iPhone aficionado, this post is for you – here are four nifty, spanking new add-ons for your camera.

GoldenPic is an app that allows you to anticipate the kind of light you can expect at a particular place at a particular time.  It’s main claim to fame is that it provides four mini-charts, Sunrise, Sunset, Moon, and Weather, showing timings for Blue Hour Begins, Sunrise, and Golden Hour Ends for the first, reversing that order for the second mini-chart.

That – of course – is not all.  Weather, locations, moon, timezone detection and similar support round out this app.  According to ePhotozine, it’s simple and useful when an outdoor photographer wants to be in the right place at the right time but is a bit steep.

Much cheaper is the VSCO Cam.  It is a ‘value-added’ picture-taking app – it has an editor with ten features, ten filters, sharing capabilities via different social media outlets, and more.  Not bad for a buck!

Novices will like the way they can warm up or cool down a picture with a couple of clicks or add novel effects, like grain and the main attraction will surely be the instant sharing on offer: Twitter – or wherever.

Now if you’re worried that someone will steal your work off some social media website (cheesiness alert!) Have no fear, Marksta is here!  A few hours back BJP published an article about photographer John D. McHugh teaming up with a software developer to create this app that lets you put a watermark – more like a signature – in your choice of type and style on your photos, quickly and easily.

“It’s not just about protecting the commercial value of their photographs, it’s also about protecting their moral rights. What I hope is that when you use the app, you feel it’s just easy,” he says.  That should put a lid on stealing, or at least on unattributed re-use of the fruits of your skills.

Whether you go for GoldenPic or VSCO Cam, your iPhone may look a bit more stylish with Trygger Camera Clip.  The clip has an integrated polarizing filter (once seen as an essential for outdoor photographers), a sharp idea.  But is the $40 price tag justified?  Here’s what Trygger have to say about their product and campaign and they also provide a few sample images.  See if this iPhone clip is worth the price – then again, it is a polarizer lens. 


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