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Unusual Gear and Gadgets

April 23rd, 2013 No Comments

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We usually have a weekly post on unusual and the bizarre news from the World of Photography on this blog while on our Professional site’s blog we have a weekly feature on gear and gadgets.  Today we’ll do a twofer: here’s a roundup of unusual gear and gadgets.

The Camera Brand that Refuses to Die

“Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated,” Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain once said.  That could just as well apply to Kodak as a maker of cameras: PhotoRumors reported yesterday that Kodak displayed a “new Pixpro mirrorless (interchangeable lens?) camera” sporting a 28-112mm zoom at the P&E Show in China.  A Kodak Camera!  And we all thought that Kodak cameras were dead!

Or perhaps they are?  For PhotoRumors does mention that a “few months ago JK Imaging got the rights to use the Kodak brand name” so is it really a Kodak?  Or are people in Developing Countries who may view Kodak as a major brand name seen as naive consumers for what is no more than a licensing-rights product?  

A legendary ‘good name’ is being sold off in bits and pieces by a once-dominant company as it gently, gently sinks into oblivion.

Reversed ND Filters

84.5mm’s ‘Reversed ND Filters’ are probably in that class of products one would call “Why didn’t anyone else think of it before?”

Not exactly “reversed”, these filters are graduated from the middle to the top and seem to have a harder transition at the other end.  

PhotographyBlog reports that they’re meant for using while shooting landscapes during the Golden Hour when your composition includes the sun so that you don’t get exposure imbalances and can maximize dynamic range.

Nice idea, and it should work . . . let’s see what reports from the field have to say.

Funky and Funkier

It’s all happening for the iPhone and iPad with one new novelty, er, ‘development’ each.  

FocusTwist is an iPhone app that synthesizes the Lytro effect.  Key word, ‘synethesizes’, for FocusTwist shoots a series of images with different focus points, unlike Lytro technology.  From there on, it’s easy to see how you can dynamically choose a different plane of focus for a photograph.

The iPad development is less of a novelty though it’s funkier: you get a zoom lens hanging off your tablet computer to complement its wee-wee 5 MP camera!  We couldn’t say it any better than Lauren Crabbe on DPReview: “There is something about seeing a tablet take photos that just brings on the giggles. Pair that with a telephoto lens and you’ve got a one-way ticket to lol-ville.”  

This one’s for iPad diehards only!


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