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Fauna and Flora Tutorials

September 2nd, 2013 No Comments

Flora and fauna; that’s what today’s well-paired tutorials cover.

A very meaty how-to on ePHOTOzine is exactly what it says: Beginners’ Guide To Safari Photography.  This comprehensive tutorial starts by advising its beginner readership to research seasonal conditions in the park they’ll visit and carries on from there.

There are also other conditions you’ll have to be prepared for.  As anyone who has been to the Serengeti or Masai Mara would vouch, things can get pretty dusty and also pretty bumpy.  So take care of your gear accordingly.

You’ll also have to watch our for pitfalls where photography itself is concerned.  For example, “when shooting a bird on a branch,” if you rely on auto or programmed exposure, the bird will most likely be underexposed.  The how-to explains how to expose correctly in such situations. 

The tutorial also offers a tip or two in how to frame and compose when on safari so as to create attractive photographs with a touch of artistry instead of dull, flat snapshots.

Jeff Guyer on DPSchool offers advice on photographing a subject that is “neither moody nor volatile” – flowers.

Flower photography is all about angles, angles, and . . . more angles, according to Guyer.  What’s more, experiment: take positions all around, above and under your subject and shoot away.

One unexpected ‘tip’ in the article is that you should not find yourself absolutely requiring any specific or particular gear, not even macro lenses or tripods!  Guyer explains that effective flower photography is possible using even telephotos or iPhones.  That said, the expected and ‘right’ recommendations are also made.

Probably the most helpful and useful section is on Light.  Here Guyer goes into ‘good light’ versus ‘bad light’ for flowers and how you can put that ‘good light’ to best use.

You might think that a flower is a small object to photograph but you’re advised to get closer still: “[S]ometimes the whole is not always as interesting as its individual parts.  Focus in on details.”  Create a semi-abstract composition from the parts of a flower!

These kinds of tips and tricks are explained by illustration with flower photographs that are striking and different as well as others that are simple and artistic.


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