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Funky Photography News — International Edition

September 7th, 2013 No Comments

Our weekly helping of Weird and Wacky Photography News takes an international turn today.  We look at arresting photographs of two world leaders and a wacky photograph of another.  Then we turn to buffet-table photos of flags of numerous nations as well as many photos of the flag of the United States.

“The tension was palpable.”  That hackneyed sentence (and lovely solecism) is used by any number of hacks.  Those hacks got their revenge a few days back courtesy of none other than Vladimir Putin and Barrack Obama!  Amazing photographs of these two world leaders on NY Mag prove that tension – if not exactly ‘palpable’ – is at least visible.  

The five photos show Putin and Obama walking up to each other in a manner that does not seem exactly warm and fuzzy but in the very next image you’ll also see two broadly smiling – beaming – faces.  But they couldn’t hide their true feelings for even a minute: in the fourth photo Obama seems to be grimacing in anger or pain while in the fifth photo, Putin’s jaw is so tightly clenched that you can see his facial muscles!

For light relief, let’s turn to the leader of France and also the news agency of France.  You may have already heard of L’Affair de Clown, French Style.  Newsbusters has the scoop on “the bizarro smiling clown photo” that couldn’t be killed.

Some sharp lensman took a photo of French President Francois Hollande looking even more silly than he usually does, and AFP and Reuters sent the photo downstream – only to have second thoughts and try to withdraw it and try to ‘kill’ it (probably after an obscenity-laced tirade from a certain someone in the Elysee Palace).

Too late – and worse, wrong move: once news leaked of this craven act of “self-censorship,” the photo went viral!  Big deal: doesn’t the renowned ‘Rottweiler’s other half not usually look like a bit of a buffoon? 

French Style also includes blue cheese, brie and grapes and these were the ingredients used at the Sydney Food Festival to construct the French Flag.  The festival used traditional and ingredients and foodstuffs central to each national cuisine to create the corresponding national flags.

Daily Mail has published high-res photos of all the food-flags with a detailed ‘List of Ingredients.’  The colours of some of the flags are a bit off (make that a lot off in the case of Oz itself) but the choice of culinary delicacy or ingredient, at least, is spot on.  You’ll see hearty food from meat pies to (relative) exotica like kiwifruit.

Now we’re all hungry!  But before you run off for a snack, here’s a look at only one country’s flag.

Photographer Robert Carley is hung up on the Stars and Stripes and shoots them wherever he finds them – and that does not mean the flag itself!

You see, in America, the Stars and Strips are splashed on anywhere and everywhere, including trunks and swimsuits.  Greenwich Citizen has published an article about Carley’s photos which include “a flag-painted car, road stripes in red, white and blue, a flag parking meter, a flag antenna, a flag painted car wash, flag garage, flag gas pump and flag tow truck.”  You’ll see photos of a flag-painted barn and a flag-emblazoned hot rod, among others.


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