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Gobsmacked: Frogs Holding Umberellas!

July 24th, 2013 No Comments

This week’s edition of weird and off-the-wall news from the World of Photography is not at all weird or off-the-wall; it’s more like amazing, gobsmacking news.

Frogs Holding Umberellas – Really!

We know that chimps and monkeys use tools; it turns out that tree frogs do too – they use umberellas!  Three absolutely awesome photographs by Penkdix Palme were published by yesterday.  These photos show a frog clutching at the stem of a leaf, clearly using it as an umberella, to hold it over itself.  Two of the photographs show the amphibian angling the leaf transverse to the direction of the shower.

Let’s hope to heavens these photos are not manipulated in any way.  Why haven’t these images – scientifically groundbreaking ones? – gone viral?

Royal Baby == Crushed Photogs

By now you have probably seen a bunch of photos of England’s future sovereign with his proud parents.  But none of them have remotely been like this one.

Amateur Photographer reports on an unusual photo of the event.  Lewis Whyld has published a 360-degree photograph of the moment when parents and baby emerged into the street, depicting a media crush like no other.

The 360-degree panorama will sweep by itself aftere you press the ‘Play’ button; however, you can speed it along or reverse it by swiping on it.

‘Clowning Around’

Twenty-four hours back, the Baltimore Sun Darkroom ‘clowned around’ in Guatemala for Latin America’s Fifth Annual Clown Convention with some very viewable pics!

This gallery has photos that are explosions of vibrant, gaudy colour.  It also has photos filled with equally vibrant but harmonious colours.  

If you ever thought clowns are scary, Boo!  And if you think they’re funny, who could be funnier than this ‘little tramp’?  If they make you dizzy, try this pic.  But if you think that underneath it all they’re just like you and me, you’re probably the most correct.

We sign off with a special just for you, dear photographer! 


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