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How to earn money from your photographs

October 6th, 2008 No Comments

 You have been pursuing this hobby for years now, and every day, when you turn on your computer, you do not fail to play a theatrical slideshow of the best shots you’ve taken. And then what?

Yeah, sure: the artistic satisfaction you get from staring at your photos every day, reveling at how you’ve mastered your craft, has always been enough to answer the question “Where do I (and my photos) go from here?”
Have thoughts of making money out of your photos crossed your mind? It does not have to mean you are selling your art. On the contrary, knowing that your work equates to good monetary value can encourage you to take your photography skills further.
Now is the time to convert your 50GB worth of photos into money that can fill your bank account. Get a list of the ways to sell your photos and find the one that suits you best.
But before you start doing that, you have to make sure that your photos are of superb quality: unique, dynamic, flawless. They should need no additional editing to conceal blemishes or mistakes.
It is also important that you know what kind of subject to photograph. There are a lot of things you can photograph but not all of them will sell for a good price. The kind of pictures that can make money for you are:


  • Travel and vacation photos that include landmarks, attractions, monuments, architecture, and scenic spots.
  • Sports events like soccer, wrestling, hockey, basketball, and others.
  • Local events such as cultural plays, musical concerts, trade shows, fairs, and car shows. Check your newspaper for upcoming events in your area.

Now here are the different ways to sell those photos:

·         Sell online. You may upload your photos in many stock photo websites that will then sell the images for you. You will be paid depending on the number of people requesting to buy a copy of your photo. Before choosing a stock photo website, be sure to check feedback about the site. This will help you decide which site is best.

·         Run an exhibition. Find a place big enough for all your works, but small enough to make it appear that your works are attracting a crowd of passers-by. You may show your photos in a pet shop or grocery store. There are also art galleries that give chance to new artists. If you have an impressive portfolio, you can have an exhibition in a mall or an airport. Brilliant Prints can always help you turn them into canvas prints, foam mounts or acrylic art.

·         Join photo competitions. Send your best photos to themed competitions online or in art exhibits. If you win, or at least become one of the runners-up, people may come to you to buy your photographs. Make sure that your entry has your contact details.

·         Send them to magazines. If your photos are chosen, you will get published and earn easy money.

·         Print them on novelty items. Print your images on mouse pads, mugs, calendars, and CD covers. This approach works because the items you’re going to print your photos on are useful everyday accessories.

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