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Hiya Shutterbug! Here’s a new blog for you

September 12th, 2012 No Comments

Hiya Shutterbug!


    Brilliant Prints is delighted to bring you a cool new blog that won’t try to keep ‘educating’ you with a never-ending stream of photography how-tos . . . most of which you already know!  We’ll mix it up by telling you about photography exhibitions and auctions, plus gadgets and gizmos, all seasoned with the practical lesson and spiced with the offbeat item, say about the love-hate relationships our chi-chi ‘celebrities’ have with the lens (go ahead Angelina Jolie, strike another whacko ‘binbag’ pose and make our day . . . puh-leez!)  

    If you snap the shutter for a living then do we have more good news for you! You’ll find a more professionally-oriented blog on our BPro site.   However, if you’re a casual shutterbug then (in real casual way) mosey along to the Pro Blog; you just might find some useful tip or trick or it may even inspire you to take the plunge and go pro!  

    In any event, this blog’s purpose is to keep you informed and excited about photography, and sometimes even amused and entertained.  As we said on the Pro Blog, “You don’t have to trawl the Web – because we do it for you!”

    Today has to be ‘gadget and gizmo’ day, courtesy of Sony.  In our pro blog yesterday we mentioned that Pentax had made a ‘news splash’.  If that was right, then today Sony has made a news SPLASH!  They’ve announced an assortment of gear – semi-pro cameras, snapshot cameras, zoom lenses, fixed-focal-length lenses . . . .  The SLT-A99 is surely the ‘Headline Act’ in glitzy Sony’s lineup – it’s certainly a lightning rod and is attracting a slew of comments.  Also take a peep at the new DSC-RX1 which too is getting a lot of attention.  

    In closing, we at Brilliant Prints don’t plan to do this in a vacuum so feel free to wade in.  Tell us if there’s anything in particular you’d like us to discuss or dig up!






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