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Weekly Roundup: From the Unusual to the Weird

October 30th, 2012 No Comments

Hurricane Sandy

Yesterday’s post contained a link to a photo of Hurricane Sandy from space.  Today let’s see Sandy up close and personal from the street, courtesy of some skilled – and intrepid – photographers.  

You’ll see flooded roads, submerged cars, 20-foot waves, power outages, and New York in distress in this album.  See the locals getting alarmed and making preparations and cleaning up the wreckage further south down America’s East Coast and the Caribbean in this album.  Now these photos are great examples of that much-used word, ‘Photojournalism’.

Sandy also brought about some unusual nature-made photographic effects further north in Syracuse.  There, photographers didn’t need any filters to shoot photos of an otherworldly peach-pink sky.  Sometimes it’s just about being in the right place at the right time!

Alien Effects, Alien Figures

Some Sandy-like effects can be created artificially by talented craftsmen.  Have a look at these equally arresting, slightly otherworldly landscapes which the photographer, Matthew Albanese, calls ‘Strange Worlds’.  These landscapes are indeed ‘strange’ because they’re all shot inside his studio!  Surely that’s not giving away the game too much?

Just as ‘strange’ is Chris Bucklow’s people photography . . . for he takes photographs without any camera!  Bucklow’s visually striking and artistic images also make no use of Photoshop; he uses a rudimentary yet advanced technique using a cardboard on which a figure is mapped out with “thousands of pinholes.”

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Even though we close with a ‘straight’ photography item, this one too is well off the beaten track: you see, it’s about an underwater shoot . . . and the subject is turtles!  Closer to home, Australian Geographic reports that Doug Perrine has taken the first underwater photographs of flatback turtles.  

The eight-image album is worth a view even though it offers no tips for aspiring underwater photographers – heck, it’s probably rather unlikely anyway that you’ll be pulling a ‘Thunderball’ anytime soon! 


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