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How to Become a Better Photographer

March 28th, 2010 No Comments

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If you are already an experienced photographer or simply hoping to enhance the quality of casual pictures that you take, there are a few techniques that you can use to your advantage in photography. This is your opportunity to enhance your craft and dramatically improve candid shots went out with friends and family!

  • Give thought to your subject. If you have a model that you are shooting, it is important to understand his or her purpose, especially regarding the event. If it is for an ad campaign, you will want to capture what the advertiser is looking for, but if it is for a wedding portrait, you can focus on the personality of the bride to best bring it forth in pictures. Even if you are taking pictures of your children, this is your chance to use their favorite toys or activities to bring out their personalities within the pictures.


  • Get experience with your equipment. If you just purchased a new camera, take it out for a test drive by taking pictures of friends and family members to make sure that you get comfortable before a photo shoot. Even if you simply purchased a new digital camera for your everyday life, it is ideal to take quite a few practice pictures to understand all of its features so that you can best use them to capture pictures when out and about.


  • Consider lighting. This is something that the most experienced photographer takes to heart, and it is important to have the right sort of lighting for a photo shoot. If you are in the studio, you can use umbrellas, lights, and even mist machines to provide control, but if you are outside as a photographer, it involves skill and intuition. In the same manner, you can use light to your advantage for casual pictures that you take to make sure that your family members and friends look their best and aren’t overexposed in a shot.


These simple tips are just the beginning of perfecting your craft as a photographer and even enhancing your existing picture taking skills for your everyday life!

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