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100+ Resources that will change your photography forever

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At Brilliant Prints we are all passionate about photography. We have a number of skilled photographers on staff (so the discussions can sometimes get pretty heated).The following resources represents a distillation of our collective wisdom. They are an eclectic selection of communities, discussions, resources and portfolios that have helped inspired us in our own search to become better photographers.

We believe every photographer (no matter how advanced) can take something away from this list. We also welcome suggestions, criticisms and additions.

General Websites/Portals/Communities

For every photographic passion, there is matching community on the internet. These resources are an invaluable way to connect with people interested in different photographic techniques and processes. Each site also has a treasure trove of resources that will assist in developing every aspect of your photography.                                                        
From the community to the community, a complete resource for all photographers.

More than equipment reviews and how-tos, PopPhoto features a photo of the day gallery, blogs, contests, events and forums.

A dynamic community stimulating the practice of analog photography in the digital era.

The Luminous Landscape                           
Illuminating the art of landscape photography through educative resources, forums and essays.                             
Surprisingly vast the list of resources that you can find at the corner!

alternative photography                             
A community based website devoted to unusual and unique photographic processes. 

ProPHOTO HoME                                         
Professionals feel at home in this site, featuring technical reviews, forums, hot news and “rumors”.                                        
Read the news or articles, post your questions on a forum, buy your camera and sell your photos without ever leaving

Professional grade solutions for photographers.

PROPHOTO RESOURCE.COM                       
Committed to building a professional community supporting the business and art of photography.


Forums/ Newsletters/Search Engines/Directories

For new photographers, it can often be difficult to establish connections to share, discuss and receive feedback from other photographers. Participating in online forums gives you the opportunity to share with photographers from all around the world. This section also includes some handy directories that will be useful starting off on a photographic career.               
Share images, thoughts, ideas, vision, and open your mind to the world within each photograph.

A friendly community forum for enthusiasts of digital photography. You can explore and contribute to it with articles, images and resources.

The PhotoForum                                          
With an emphasis on equipment and technical discussions, this forum welcomes professionals and amateurs from all walks of photography. Prove your worth in their fun contests section.                                    
Find and be found in this directory of photography professionals with several search options.

A quirky and creative newsletter that gets anything and everything about photography to your inbox.

A link directory and search engine focused on photography websites.                                              
Started as a small community of photobloggers that now has several thousand in its listings. If you looking for a photoblog you should start here.

Photo Competitions                                    
A directory of amateur and professional contests with links to related resources.                               
Search for a website or list your own place on the web in this directory.



Unlike traditional media, blogs allow for both in-depth analysis and interactive discussion about emerging issues. The blogs on this list cover everything from photo criticism, unusual techniques and photographic news. As part of developing your photographic skill-set we suggest trying to read something new from the list each day.

PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG                              
A blog and much more, with reviews, buying guides, technical articles and community features that include open competitions.

Constientious brings the best (and the worst) of the fine art at surface.

JOE MCNALLY                                             
The weblog of a professional, more than photography, a life in photography.                                                   
Here, film and digital enthusiasts can learn through critic evaluation of their work, by reading the articles or by exchanging questions and answers in the forum.

Identifying opportunities in the ever-changing world of photography.

Light is of the essence. Strobist blogs about it.

A community site where critique is exchanged among peers.

A photograph, a niche, a community, a blog for all of them. Photocrati promotes discussion about technical, artistic and professional aspects of photography.

The Online Photographer                          
A daily news blog with a wide array of contributors.                                              
An unexpected site cultivating the unexpected.

heart PHOTOGRAPH                                 
A blog for enthusiasts of contemporary photographic arts.



We have always been inspired by visits to our local museums and archives. There’s something almost spiritual about immersing yourself in fantastic photographic art. However, the tyranny of geography means that many of these collections are available only to those who are lucky enough to enjoy geographic proximity. Luckily, the following sites are from organisations who have opened up some of their amazing collections to an online audience.

The Fratelli Alinari built a successful tradition in photography that is reflected on the deepness and importance of their historical archive as well as on the quality of and scope of their services and products.

MoMA Photography                                    
Get yourself comfortable and enjoy the exquisite online displays of the fine art at the MoMA’s website.

The Griffin features snapshots of the current physical exhibits, a virtual gallery and a critic’s pick section.

UCR CMP                                                       
The University of California Riverside/California Museum of Photography holds a searchable database of its collections that include works of photography, animation and stereography.

GEORGE EASTMAN HOUSE                    
Following George Eastman’s tradition of bringing photography to the masses, the House website showcases an impressive historical display of photographic art (from Daguerreotypes to contemporary photography).

Encompassing a diverse array of contemporary aesthetics and technologies the Museum of Contemporary Photography displays works of critically acclaimed art photographers.

Featuring historically valuable exhibits, Photomuse attempts to inspire photographers and to promote understanding of the evolution of the fine art.



While the previous selection of sites covered everything from historical photography to fine art, the following list concentrates on outstanding fine art images that left some of our staff transfixed.

Photography now                                
An elegant and exquisite web gallery of fine art photography. Portfolios are accompanied by information about the authors and their work.

Photography SERVED                                    
Critically chosen work from the Behance Network served to your screen.

Peter Fetterman Gallery                              
Peter Fetterman’s Gallery is focused on works that use the classic black and white medium with a humanist vision. The website showcases a virtual gallery, information about artists and a splendid exhibition archive.                                                 
In its own words, Flak Photo is a daily celebration of the “art & culture of photography online”. It features photography projects and art reviews.

OSWALD GALLERY                                    
A large scope and a taste for the exceptional qualify the artistic vision and ambition of the Oswald Gallery.  

SCOTT NICHOLS GALLERY                      
With a distinguished list of artists this gallery showcases one of finest collections of photography.

LOOK AT ME                                                 
An unlikely collection of found photographs. The disconnected nature of these pieces of lost memory evoke the mystery  that lies within each photographic capture.

The Pinhole Gallery                                     
Explore and learn about the art and craft of image making at its basics.

GALLERY 339                                                
A space for creative fine art photography.


Photo Web Hosting

Traditionally, building an online portfolio would require assistance from dedicated technical support staff. However, the following sites will help you build an online portfolio or gateway for your clients with minimal technical knowledge. Many of the sites are suitable for both professional and amateur photographers.

A devoted host for your priceless photos, Smumug is becoming popular among professionals and amateurs for its sleek design and integrated functionalities.

The hosting site of choice among top professionals that require tailor-made solutions. Flash based and highly customizable.

Html based host enabling professionals to display their portfolio in practically any device connected to the web.

Enabling photo sharing to anyone, flickr is rapidly growing into a dynamic community space for enthusiasts.

Getting your portfolio to the web becomes a simple process when you have the Welder working for you.


Stock photos

Although stock photography is a competitive market, it can represent a great source of additional income for photographers who can create strong, general images. Many of the sites below represent marketplaces for fine art photography. Some of them provide photography to some of the top creative agencies in the world.

Stock Photo Expert .com                           
Selling and buying images online made easy.

A distinctive resource for media creatives.

A stock photo media giant that outreaches to the community though grants, awards and education programs.

Creative and dynamic stock photos company open to new photographers.

Get the latest news on the stock photography world. 

Can Stock Photo                                   
Here you can sell your stock photos in a simple, straightforward manner.



Any discussion started with a photographer about their preferred techniques is likely to be very long and involved. Everybody has different ideas about the best equipment or the process for even the simplest of techniques. The following list is divided between recommended sources for photographic equipment (albeit with a US bent) and collections of insightful and challenging articles about photographic technique.

Inventive carrying solutions with a focus on speed and accessibility.                                                 
News, reviews and general information on digital cameras.                                                 
A comprehensive technical resource for digital photography.

The media professional superstore.

Unblinking Eye                                              
A personal website welcoming contributors with an unblinking focus on technical articles.

Shedding light on aspects of Darkroom designing, construction and technique.                                             
Dedicated to providing information about cameras and how they work.

Photo tidbits at                           
At Wrotniak website you can find an interesting and at times exquisite set of articles, technical reviews and a tidbits section in blog format.

imaging resource                                           
Imaging resource helps you to choose, buy and use your digital camera.



Every photographer has to start somewhere. Many times we are lucky enough to benefit from the advice of other more experienced photographers (although this may not always be possible. Most of the following sites provides tutorials, lessons and articles for photographers at all stages of their career. They are usually distinguised by their friendly community spirit and their emphasis on sharing knowledge for new photographers.

Digital Photography School                  
Beginners and amateurs of digital photography will enjoy the freely accessible learning environment available at DPS.

Guide to Film Photography                       
Comprehensive tool for adepts of film photography.                                          
A dynamic educational website with  community spirit.

CAMBRIDGE IN COULOUR                       
Digital photography tutorials and a gallery of images with a focus on low-light conditions.

New York Institute of Photography           
From the world’s oldest and largest photography school comes an array of instructive online resources, including courses, forums, newsletters, articles and podcasts.

A commended website that shares the secrets of travel photography.

Mike Ware Alternative photography                  
Cultivating the art, craft and science of alternative photography.

Mapping the world with solargraphs and exposing the exquisite craft behind them.

PICTURE CORRECT                                   
Tips and reviews for photographers of all kinds.

International Center of Photography      
An acclaimed museum and school that offers several resources.

School of Photography                              
School of Photography has an extensive list of free educative resources for beginners and much more for online students.



Agencies and photogaphic centres have helped drive the field of photography forward. While some of these sites are community oriented, offers offer opportunities for brilliant emerging photographers to have their work showcased on a global scale.

WORLD PRESS PHOTO                            
The WPP contest showcases the most stunning and important work in photojournalism.

ipa ~ international photo awards ~                         
ipa  welcomes and promotes diverse photographic work organized in a multitude of categories. In its winner’s gallery one can find an exhibit of outstanding photographic pieces.

Creating luminous connections by stimulating the contact between revered professionals and other photographers, through contests and critical review.

Developing photographic projects in group, UTATA is a great example of how community activities can stimulate the development of artistic and creative work.

A global community of creative and experimental film photographers curiously equipped.

The Photographic Resource Center at Boston University website features online exhibitions, projects and resources.

Developing photographic projects in group, UTATA is a great example of how community activities can stimulate the development of artistic and creative work.

At the International Association of Panoramic Photographers website you can immerse in the world of panoramic imagery.

Magnum photos                                          
A distinctive photographer owned agency focused on portraying the world, its players and events.


Online Photo Editors

Many photographers are lucky enough to benefit from access to high end photographic software like Adobe photoshop. However, not all of us can always afford expensive pieces of software. It can also be useful to have access to editing software while we are traveling and away from our home computers. The following online photo editors offer surprisingly advanced tools for all kind of photographic editing.

A reliable and smooth online photo editor with a very practical plug-in for the also reliable Firefox browser.

Aviary gathers a set of on-the-fly editing tools for media professionals.

A flexible editing tool known for the array of advanced features and connectivity options.

Snipshot enables RAW editing online in the Pro edition.                                     
For users that need to perform simple and fast editing on the go.

If you need to perform editing in batch you will enjoy Splashup’s multiple image editing feature.


Contemporary Photographers

As with our Photographic Master’s section, this list inspired plenty of spirited debate. Everyone had different ideas about the contemporary photographers that had most catalysed their own photography. However, we believe that the work of each of the following four photographers helps illumine a different and unique aspect of their photographic sphere.


Michael Wolf                                                  
Conceptual portraiture of man-made landscapes.

JIM BRANDEBURG                                     
In the spirit of his work, Jim Brandburg’s feature full website welcomes an international audience interested in natural landscape photography.

STEVE MCCURRY                                                  
Capturing life’s essence to create magnificent images of human and social documentary.

phil borges                                                      
Carefully documented photographic work of indigenous and tribal populations.


e-Magazines/Online Publications

Everyone loves photographic magazines and the following sites allow you to indulge yourself from the comfort of your internet browser. From the well known, to the niche there is something for everyone.

National Geographic                         
Spectacular photos, tips and contests from the earth’s magazine.

Outdoor Photographer                               
A resourceful website for the outdoor enthusiast.

pdn photo district news                                 
News, interviews, profiles and reports on the photo industry.

An online publication that celebrates the culturally and artistically diverse universe of contemporary photography.

Digital Photo                                                    
DP magazine guides you through the world of digital photography.

Cultivating unexpected and original perspectives on different photographic subjects.

The BJP online constitutes on the most feature full online editions, with access to latest issues and a wide list of resources for amateurs and professionals.

A magazine about the creative process and the vision behind the lens.

With forums, directories, news, reviews, galleries and technical articles is not surprising that became a popular website among photography enthusiasts.

Dissecting the image-making process with room for discussion and careful examination.

A free online magazine with a wide scope.

Photography and storytelling come together to create innovative and powerful media pieces.

b blueeyes magazine                                          
Nurturing the growth of documentary photography projects into mature and intricate compositions.



This list is exceptionally short because we had trouble achieving consensus (the originally list was much, much longer). Eventually after a no-holds barred, bare-knuckle fight to the end we can agree on the fact that these two photographic masters helped inspire our own photography and hopefully will yours.

RICHARD AVEDON                                     
The Avedon foundation website features the stunning work and generous legacy of a master.                                  

The work of a family that inspired many is presented at the Edward and Cole Weston website

Please let us know what you think of the following list.

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