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Most Photogenic Religion and Other Curiosities

September 10th, 2013 No Comments

Our semi-weekly tri-pack takes in a camera, a gallery, and an interesting news post.

Brand New from Olympus

Photography sites are abuzz today with Olympus’s new offering: a 16.1 MP Four-Thirds.  That’s the OM-D E-M1.  The big selling point is super-fast AF, named ‘Dual Fast AF.’  In addition, as long as you have a ‘Regular’ or Micro Four-Thirds lens mounted, the camera can focus on any one of 37 phase-detection focus points or focus by 81 contrast-detection target areas.

The camera has a few other upgrades from the previous model; these include an improved grip and improved EVF.  Philip Ryan has a comprehensive overview in Popular Photography which covers such improvements while Chris Cheesman’s summary in Amateur Photographer touches on the high points, coupled with an insight and a conjecture.

The OM-D E-M1 has a wonderful mix of necessary and customary pro functions plus enthusiast features, such as ‘Art Filters.’

World Photographic Cup

FIFA and ICC, watch out: football and cricket ain’t the only sports in town boasting a World Cup.  Another ‘Federation’ has announced another ‘World Cup’, this one for photogsZoltan Arva-Toth has the scoop on Photography Blog.

The sports model extends to the fact that competition will be by way of national teams!   (Coloured jerseys mandatory? Arva-Toth omits this key information.)  The call for entries has already been met by nineteen countries.  Oz is going to send a team.  (Our insider reports say that Shane Warne is arguing with the AIPP that he should be captain.)

We’ll know whether or not this is a real World Cup on finals day simply by observing the winning team’s behaviour: will they take victory laps and squirt champagne all over the place? 

Most Photogenic Religion

Some religious denominations are just more photogenic than others and the drama of Pentecostalism makes it a strong contender for ‘Most Photogenic Religion.’  Damaso Reyes’s photo-story on Pentecostalism on the Leica Blog is proof of this assertion.  Trances, shakes and wailing are in evidence.  

This gallery is brilliant photojournalism that brings a good few ‘decisive moments.’  Don’t neglect to notice some astute use of light (there’s a photo of a woman and a boy, each in religious fervour, but light is treated or employed very differently in these photographs such that each ‘light’ somehow suits the singular fervour of the subject).  

There’s a funny parallel at work in this photo-story: Reyes explains, “Pentecostals believe in the primacy of the direct relationship between god and the believer.”  Well, his photos get the viewer ‘inside the skin’ of his subjects, thus he creates something of a “primacy of the direct relationship” between his subjects and the viewer.


A Full Review, a First Look, and a Lacy Leak

January 25th, 2013 No Comments
English: Candid photo of Zsa Zsa Gabor at a so...

English: Candid photo of Zsa Zsa Gabor at a social function (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Full Review

Canon’s PowerShot A810 is the entry-level compact for the layman according to Photography Blog because “prove a hit with newcomers to photography.”  

At the price, this camera seems to be a just-right balance in features and specs.  In fact, it “appears to be identical, if not slightly better than models we’ve seen at a higher price point.”

Though it is an ultra-simple point-and-shoot, it also provides a plethora of buttons and camera options in the Main Menu for the tyro who wants to exert some finer control.  

In image quality the camera shows its low-budget colours, specially once ISO 400 is reached.  But then, it “is great value for money” specially in undemanding situations where the main requirement is to get off a shot fast

The First Look

Sony has recently released a slew of cameras, among them the ‘bridge’ H200, alongwith more modest models in their Cyber-shot range.  ePHOTOzine has just published a first look.  The H200 has 20.1 megapixels and a long 26x optical zoom.  At ‘first look’, it is styled rather like a ‘Big Two’ DSLR.

If you’re looking for a new compact, you can choose between the TF1, WX200 and WX60.  The TF1 distinguishes itself by being waterproof up to ten metres and also claims to be dustproof and shockproof whereas the other two boast superior specs in zoom, ISO, and continuous shooting.  What they have in common is those shapeless shapes that are a hallmark of the Cyber-shot range!

The Lacy Leak

PhotoRumors has a ‘leak’ comprising all of three lines about the Olympus XZ-10 which they close with “No other details are available.”  But when you have pictures like these, ‘details’ are irrelevant.  Cameras were made of aluminium, plastic, polycarbonate . . . now they’re made of chiffon and lace!  Somehow I don’t think George Schaller would have chosen this baby . . . Zsa Zsa Gabor on the other hand . . .

Regardless of whether or not this camera can even actually take pictures, it will appeal to Manhattan socialites and Nashville vixens alike.

Women have long had their ‘clutch purse’; now, thanks to Olympus, they have the ‘clutch camera’ for formal nights.



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